Sunday, June 25, 2006

True Colors

Yes, that really IS Cyndi Lauper, posing as one of us, showing her true colors as a Lesbian Overtone last night at Murray Hill's PRIDE Show!

More to come when I'm actually awake and looked through the pictures...

OK! So, Tammy Tone's sweetie Dedi took some awesone photos (like the one above) of the night's shenanigans. Check them out here.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Murray Hill's My Man

Tasha Tone & her man, Mr. Murray Hill

Murray's my man as of late. First as host of the Miss LEZ Pageant, where I warbled with my fellow Lesbian Overtones, and again tomorrow night in the 'tones' farewell performance (we'll be on hiatus for a while) at Murray Hill's midnight PRIDE show at Mo Pitkins. After so many beautiful women and downtown celebrities, I'll be ready for the shy retiring life of a writer when I hit LA for OutFest...!

We're all stars onstage at the Kintting Factory

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fly by

Michelle Wolff & Jen Katz at the Butterfly Conservatory - Can you tell there's a Moth/Butterfly motif in the script?

"To Do:"'s collaborators cheer on the NY Liberty

How amazing it is to watch these two people who've been colaborating with me long-distance, finally meet face to face! I must admit, I've been incredibly nervous about this cinematic match I made in my head nearly a year ago. We connect so well over email and phone and now we know it all works well in person, too. It's not amazing enough that we made a great script together - we're going to make a great film together, too. Michelle from LA, Jen from Brooklyn and me from the UWS heading down to Baltimore to shoot "To Do:" will round out the dream-turned-reality filmmaking for me. Now we just need to raise $1 million bucks...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bright Lights

Michelle Wolff lights it up at Henrietta's

See why I cast Michelle in "To Do:"? She just glows... We hit the town last night to hang and celebrate getting into the OutFest Screenwriters Lab! Yes, I'm making it official, since OutFest doesn't seem to be in any great rush to announce the lab fellows.

More big news: The Lesbian Overtones, of which I am Tasha Tone, will be performing one of our very last gigs together at the Miss LEZ Pageant at the Knitting Factory this weekend. So, GO BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! Many shenanigans and beers will be had by all...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Rose Troche's Practical Guide to Filmmaking

Rose Troche at the 3rd Annual NewFest Filmmakers Forum
Rose Troche at the 3rd Annual NewFest Filmmakers Forum

Whew! Another NewFest down. This year marked my 3rd on staff as Co-cordinator for the NewFest Filmmakers Forum. We survived roof leaks, blank tapes, DVD distortion, UPS mis-deliveries, whacked filmmakers, flooded subways and ourselves to pull off the 18th annual festival. The hilight for me? "Rose Troche's Practical Guide to Filmmaking" - the only sold-out panel, AND most informative and humorous. I'm proud to have been a part of it all. The Filmmakers Forum was another success and I can finally catch up on a little sleep. See you all next year!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

You really like me...

Class of 2006

At least Go NYC Magazine LOVES me... I'm right below Portia De Rossi and just above Stacy Codicow in the listings/rankings/accounting of lovable lesbians with a heightened profile in 2006. As my friend Jen put it "Under Portia? That's HOT." Does that make me a bottom to Ellen's sweetheart or a top to Power-Up's founder? (Or sideways to Transexual Menace's Riki Anne Wilchins?) Only my sweetie knows...

Wet Paint

We Aint