Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Close Up

Hunting around the Frameline website looking for a friend's film I found - Surprise! - My face is the ad for the "Dyke Delights" program. Wish I was going to be in San Fran for the screening... I miss the Castro.

It's a week for photos. My sweetie & I are getting ready for our close-up for our couple portrait. Think the NY Times will publish it? I bet they're overrun with queer wedding announcements this week. Looking over my parents', sister's and grandparents' wedding photos, I'm struck by how young, classic and calm they call seem. Happy, for sure, but pretty calm; Like they all knew this was the right thing to be doing. I get it now.

So, I filled out "Party A." Never thought I'd be happy to partake in the bureaucracy of L.A. County... ;-) Picture perfect application.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Erase Hate

Last week my sweetie & I went to see a rogue bunch of high school students perform The Laramie Project in Burbank. Rogue because their principal banned them from performing it, so they wound up contacting the original creators of the show and a whole host of other big hitters in the LGBT and theater communities, and put the show on Mickey & Judy style at the professional theater in downtown Burbank to sold-out crowds and a ton of press. They rocked it. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, The Laramie Project chronicles the town's coping mechanisms in the aftermath of the Matthew Shepard murder and the subsequent trials of his attackers.

Today my sweetie & I will be symbolically married (it isn't legal for same-sex couples in CA until June 17) by the West Hollywood mayor surrounded by a bunch of celebrities, dressed to the nines, wearing donated jewelry, sponsored by the Matthew Shepard Foundation. His mother, Judy Shepard, will be there promoting their "Erase Hate" campaign, and we will be there proudly supporting her.

If you are in WeHo tonight, come be our witness! Stop the initiative. Support Fairness. Erase Hate. And throw some rice on my sweetie & I. We'll be looking pretty snazzy and happy in love.